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Greetings to corporations and enterprises

With continual supports and cooperation from various corporations, enterprises and companies, we have produced 60,000 alumni and launched in the world of media and entertainment in as well as other fields. We also have an enrollment of many international students who are capable of smooth communication in Japanese and English. Our exclusive online jobfinder Campus Plan is truly the easiest way for on-target connections between you and our students and alumni. It helps you find the right person for the job you offer. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have a vacant post or if you are interested in hiring our students/alumni.

How to put your recruiting ads on Campus Plan

Campus Plan is the unique online jobfinder developed exclusively for TOHO GAKUEN. It is the useful and reliable online platform for all of our students and alumni when it comes to job seeking, on which they can easily get information on job offer to meet their requirements.
If you would like to put a classified on Campus Plan, please fill out the overseas job posting below (PDF and Excel versions available) and send it to us via email.

Overseas Job Posting PDF/EXCEL


Important Reminder

Our students and alumni have been given guidance about how to choose the right company for them to work at. They know they should consider and focus on who complies most with their requirement and capability in addition to company’s employment conditions and publicity. Therefore, they tend to skip the classified ads unless they get necessary information such as business summary, employment conditions and salary. Without the important information for them, they eventually remove such recruiting ads from their career decision without considering. Please make sure to fill out 1) your company name, 2) employment conditions and 3) application method.


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